Our Objectives

Our objectives as a body are to support young women aged 10-25:

    To adopt right values at an early age and groom them to observe acceptable social and cultural etiquette.


    To achieve their full intellectual potential by promoting girl child education, mentoring and empowering them to make the right career choices and grow in their professions.


    To discover and harness their inherent talents and use them in a positive way.


    To develop a good image of themselves, work with dignity and take pride in who they are irrespective of the physical characteristics or social background.


    To understand their sexual development, manage their sexuality, and abstain from premarital sex.


    To adopt healthy behaviors by creating awareness on health-related issues that concern girls and women as well as educate them on preventive measures.


    To attain social and economic (socio-economic) independence through support for the acquisition of skills that will enable them adapt socially, obtain and manage resources prudently and establish healthy relationships.


    To prepare for family life and acquire skills for successful home-making through training, mentoring and counseling.


    To appreciate the human rights and legal implication of violence against women (including sexual violence/abuse), train them on self-defense and provide psychosocial and legal support for victims where necessary.


    To inspire them to aspire for leadership positions and contribute/participate in politics and governance.

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